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Supplemental Activities


Communicating in Crisis Webinar
May 20, 2020 : 1 hour

The webinar, which was provided by the OSU Leadership Center went through the various ways an organization or an individual can engage proactively in times of crisis. Communication was key, the host said. She mentioned how an organization should know its employees and know how to communicate either with email or with internal communication by different apps as well as keeping employees in the loop. The more we plan, the better we handle the crisis. In addition, the importance of avoiding the spread of wrong information was emphasized upon. It was mentioned how an organization should make brief daily emails to mentally help the employees and show empathy to them. In the end, the host encouraged us to evaluate the crisis when it finishes, and plan accordingly how to move forward.

Resilience in Crisis Webinar

May 14, 2020 : 1 hour 

This webinar that was provided by Dubai Government Excellence talked about how to implement resilience in different perspectives. The host Marwan Al Johany discussed how a person, a company, or a society can be resilient, starting with developing a cooperative and flexible community. A persevere society is a society that responds quickly to any challenges, and this can be achieved by awareness, thinking, communication, and fitness. Then, the host discussed that in order to succeed, a person shall prove to others that he is unique, which will in return make him distinguishable and successful. Marwan also discussed how a crisis must not stop anyone from reaching their goals. Finally, it was illustrated how an organization must make quick decisions and be able to change its tasks quickly for it to succeed. Based on the aforementioned, I believe that this webinar was very helpful, as it gave me moral support and a mental boost to continue my work and studies regardless of the pandemic's effects on our world today.

Emotional Intelligence in Crisis Times Webinar

May 7, 2020 : 1 hour

Hosted by Dr. Peter Greene, this webinar provided by Dubai Government Excellence talked about how to act when there is a crisis happening. Dr. Peter discussed ways on how to stay calm and manage emotions such as exercising, maintaining a person's mind peacefulness, self-awareness, and self-control. Being emotionally intelligent means that a person is able to act wisely and control the pressure surrounding himself or herself. Attendees to the webinar were also encouraged by the host to stay task-oriented and try their best to communicate if faced with any problem. I believe that this webinar was very informative; it demonstrated to me many ways in which I can control anxiety or pressure during times as such.

On Job Training Program at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

14 July - 18 July 2019 : 40 Hours

Last summer, I interned at ADIB to dig into the banking field and explore the different areas, a notable bank in UAE such as ADIB, is involved in. I had the chance to choose between the shift of day time or night time; thus, I chose to work in the day time shift, for 8 hours a day from 10 am to 6 pm. The training was basically sitting at a desk and job shadowing an employee who works there. I was surprised by the amount of pressure the bank-tellers go through. A person might think that working in a bank is easy; however, the work environment and dealing with customers was one problem, where the worker must always stay calm and smiling regardless of the customer's attitude. Customer service is key to the success of a bank. Furthermore, I learned an eminent amount of stuff during my internship, starting with closing and opening a bank account. I was taught how to open different types of accounts including checking, savings, and the "Ghina" salary account. I helped customers in filling the information and paperwork needed to start an account, and put it in a computer. I was sent back and forth to the manager in order to give him hard-copy papers to sign, which was astonishing to me, as I thought everything was supposed to be online in our current technological world. The customers needed to wait for the manager to sign their file so it can be processed. Besides that, I learned about some Islamic rules that ADIB abides by, which makes them different than other banks in the UAE. I was also told to keep the data I see during the work hours discreet, as I was allowed to look into personal accounts of people. This internship experience was intriguing to me as I learned a great deal of information on how banks work, and got the chance to communicate and interact with the employees around as well as the manager, and the customers


Professional Development

Intuition 2018/2019 : 20 hours and 4 minutes

I completed a total of 20 hours on the intuition website. I finished the ASP first and second year modules, as well as the Islamic Banking and Finance module which gave me better knowledge about how Islamic rules apply in banks. The Islamic Finances module was really interesting as I learned a bunch of new stuff that I did not know about before , such as how  Shari'a and Islam's principles apply in financial sectors, and how to avoid Riba. Moreover, the ASP Year 1 modules refreshed my mind on some courses I have taken in my freshmen year including principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics.