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Extracurricular Activities

Psych Club 2018-2019 

During my freshman year, I have joined the psychology club. My interest in psychology made me join this club in order to know more and dive into the field of psychology. I found and entered this club in the student organizations fair that was conducted by the university prior to the commencement of the autumn 2018 semester. 

The meetings in the club made me learn a lot. The club invited speakers from the psychology field. They talked to us about different topics such as stress management, personalities, and psychopaths and their thoughts. 

I am also thinking of having psychology as a minor in the future. The psychology club made me have a better idea on that. 

CEO Club 2019-2020

In my sophomore year, I joined the CEO club, where speaker events were held. I knew about this club from a fellow friend of mine who gave me the membership contact information and told me how this club is educational and enjoyable at the same time. CEOs and assistants in companies like Audi, Chipotle, Bibipop, and Google came and talked to us, students, about their experiences and interactions. This club inspired me to seek out for leadership positions in the future as they invited Chief Executive Officers of large companies, such as the ones mentioned above, to present their story to us and offer their advice to the next generation of leaders. I found the information presented in the events very informative and valuable; I learned about how the fast food chain company Chipotle started from scratch, and how they had their peaks and troughs. CEOs also offered great advice on how to manage a business and rise in the ladder to achieve greatness.

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